Open to any member of COLSA. It must be a current degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate student at the University of Oklahoma; exchange students or CESL students can’t be awarded a scholarship.  Scholarships are awarded at Colombian Night each year by the Colombian OU Alumni Association (COUAA), with the matching of the OU Alumni office. 

Endowment 2013 Left to right: JP Audas, Yoana Walschap, Juan Sebastian Galindo, Dave Hail

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Scholarship 2010 Left to right: Diana Vanegas, Pablo Barajas, ???, Walmy Cuello, Monica Maez, Juan Ramon Torres, Claudia Amorocho, Nelson Osorio

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Scholarships 2017 Left to right: Javier Tellez, Ruben Gonzalez, Carlons Molinares, Laura Hernandez, Michael Mendez, Angie Ortega, Yuliana Zapata and Andres Perilla (COLSA President)

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We are a group of Colombian alumni from the University of Oklahoma who understand the value of education and the effort that some Colombian students are making to come to OU to pursue a degree. The mission of our association is to give back to OU, through a Scholarship Fund for COLSA members, what the university HAS provided to us education, experience and knowledge.